SmartHub® Benchmarking Special Study – Holiday Promotions 2013

The holiday shopping season is a critical time of year for many retailers.  According to a Consumer Insights & Analytics survey conducted in October 2013 (and reported by the National Retail Federation), 91.7% of consumers reported plans to celebrate during the 2013 holiday season.  While this survey showed that consumers in general reported slightly lower spending in 2013 vs. 2012, online shoppers in particular reported planning to spend one-fifth more than their offline counterparts.

Promo CollageAs a result of more and more shoppers choosing to spend a larger percentage of their dollars online, comScore predicted that online retailing will grow 13-15% in the 2013 holiday season as compared to the previous year.  While the actual numbers have not yet been tallied, we do know that Cyber Monday 2013 ranked as the single heaviest online shopping day in history recording $1.735 Billion in desktop (vs. mobile) sales.  By all accounts, many shoppers spent their dollars online this season causing retailers to work hard to attract and convert consumers.

When consumers were asked to choose the single most important factor driving a decision to shop with a particular retailer during the holiday season (according to the Consumer Insights & Analytics survey) 35% of consumers selected Sales or Price Discounts. This was by far the leading reason ahead of all other choices including: merchandise selection (18%), merchandise quality (14%), everyday low prices (11%), followed up by helpful customer service, convenient location and free shipping (each with 5%).  

The importance of the use of promotions to lure holiday shoppers is clear.  

In this SmartHub® Report, see what we uncovered about the promotions offered by retailers during 5 key days over the 2013 Holiday Season including:

  • Number and type of promotions offered
  • Free shipping promotions details
  • Amount of discounts offered
  • Use of promo codes

Of the 230+ retailers in our study only 2.9% offered no promotions on the home page of their shopping site on any of five of the days evaluated.  We found that 8.9% of merchants provided no promotions on at least one of the special promotional days in our study.

Nearly 12% of retailers offered no promotions on our baseline day (11/22/13) which is nearly double the percentage found on the other days of our evaluation as seen in Figure 1 below.  

Most retailers offered 2 promotions on every day except for Cyber Monday where the highest percentage of retailers offered 3 promotions.

 As one might expect, the average number of promotions offered was highest on Black Friday (2.30) and Cyber Monday (2.31) with Thanksgiving trailing just behind (2.17).  Our Baseline day, November 22nd, had the fewest promotions offered (1.86).

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What’s Next?  Our SmartHub® team conducts new studies every 6-8 weeks.  Coming soon: find out how our retailers (and shipping companies) performed in our Cyber Monday 2013 study.

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